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Title: Secret answer

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    Default Secret answer

    I want to change my password,but i can't remember my secret answer.I go to link forgot your secret question/answer,but there says that answer is no longer available.What am i supposed to do?
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    Default Re: Secret answer

    the only thing I can say is to send a ticket maybe they ca do something?

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    Default Re: Secret answer

    I'd Call Them (: They Do A LOT More Verbally Than They Do Through Submitting Tickets . I Promise xD

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    Default Re: Secret answer

    Yea Send a Ticket Via Email, If You cant Acess your Account Them Just reply
    To and Old Email From Then and State Your problem and Why you Need Help They
    Should get back to you Within 30Mins.-5 Hours. At the Most.

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    Default Re: Secret answer

    true that i got my account un-banned from called XD

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