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Title: ScreenShots

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    Icon12 ScreenShots

    ok, by the title, you have probably assumed that i would like to know how to take pics, but i already do (prnt scrn). as it turns out, i am in folrida for the week, and i am unable to get on FR cuz i took my laptop, and i normally play on a PC. i am actually asking if anyone would be willing to send me some pics i need for posts, or a group. if anyone will help, here is the list of pics i need so far:
    1. A really good ninja, preferably in elite black, or jonin.
    2. A picture of the ruins scattered around FR preferably in a place with good lighting such as Stillwater, or the wilds
    thats it for now, if an item is in green, that means i still need it, if it is red, then someone has already gotten it for me.
    I quit...

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    Default Re: ScreenShots

    Here's the best I could do for your second request. The ruins are from around Stillwater, taken at various angles. The first image was captured by zooming the camera out to its maximum distance and editing myself out, all others were taken while zoomed in to the maximum degree possible.
    Below is a sample of each image, reduced in quality/size for swifter uploading and page-viewing. Supplied at the bottom of this post is a link to a MediaFire upload of the archive I created with all the images in their original resolution (1024x768). You have my personal assurance that the archive is virus/spyware-free.
    Hope it helps...

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    Default Re: ScreenShots

    Alright, for the ninja these are what I got. Not the greatest resolution but i hope they help.

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