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    Default Saved by the Brawler Gloves

    I just got a pair of "Saved By The Bell Brawler Gloves" from a person and I never heard of them. Where could someone get them and how much they cost?
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    Default Re: Saved by the Brawler Gloves

    If I remember, Saved By The Bell Brawler Gloves are quite common. You can just buy them in the coin shop for a cheap price as they are for low-level brawlers.
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    Default Re: Saved by the Brawler Gloves

    They're from the coin shop. I had that problem too because i had an older account than a lot of other people, and when i came on, the Saved by the bell Brawler Gloves looked really weird to me. I was used to older stuff.

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    Default Re: Saved by the Brawler Gloves

    coin shop for 30-200 coins

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    Default Re: Saved by the Brawler Gloves

    Also you can find some pieces in battles too like King in the Ring I think that is what its called
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