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    Default Resetting Password?

    It says for security reasons, it says "You must reset your password" on Free Realms. Is this true? I just don't want it to be a scam.

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    Default Re: Resetting Password?

    Yes It is You have to play free Realms it's not a Scam
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    Default Re: Resetting Password?

    They are requiring all members to reset there passwords; else, your account could get broken into again. Its all part of the new safety measures the game is undergoing. They are also running extensive tests on it to help detect weak points and make them stronger.

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    Default Re: Resetting Password?

    yes, we all had to its not a scam

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    Default Re: Resetting Password?

    No, don't worry it's not a scam... It's just for privacy and security reasons.
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