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    Default Requesting screenshot of retired weapons

    I am requesting screenshots of the weapons listed below. Specifically I would like a picture of the stat bubble and a picture of you holding the weapon, but don't let the stat bubble overlap you. Please take pics in a bright place like the wilds, while the sun is up. For an example of what a good picture looks like here is a link.

    Please private message me a link if you upload them to photobucket or imageshack, or else message me and I'll give you an email address to which you can send the pictures. I would like to keep the pictures off of the forum please.

    Old School:
    • Coin Flow Saw (medic)
    • Coin Flow Megablade (ninja)
    • Flowing Emerald Blade (ninja)
    • Angro's Vanquisher (warrior)
    • Coin Flow Chopper (warrior)
    • Forked Wand (wizard)

    Blue Text:
    • Aqua Hammer (warrior)

    • Batty Anvil (brawler)
    • Batty Hammer (warrior)

    • Blazing Hammer (warrior)
    • Blazing Wand (wizard)

    • Bubbleburst Kendama Hammer (brawler)
    • Bubbleburst Scalpel (medic)
    • Bubbleburst Blade (ninja)
    • Bubbleburst Battle Axe (warrior)
    • Bubbleburst Wand (wizard)

    • Carbon Bow (archer)
    • Carbon Kendama Hammer (brawler)
    • Carbon Scalpel (medic)

    • Forest Stem (brawler)

    • Frostflame Bow (archer)
    • Frostflame Saw (medic)

    • Gemstone Bow (archer)
    • Gemstone Blade (ninja)

    • Glacial Bow (archer)
    • Glacial Hammer (brawler)
    • Glacial Shockrod (medic)
    • Glacial Wand (wizard)

    • Gravel Bow (archer)
    • Gravel brawler weapon
    • Gravel Hammer (warrior)

    • Illuminating Bow (archer)
    • Illuminating Drill (brawler)

    • Jeweled Blade (ninja)

    • Juiced Bow (archer)
    • Juiced Drill (brawler)
    • Juiced Saw (medic)
    • Juiced Scythe (ninja)
    • Juiced Hammer (warrior)

    • Party Kendama Hammer (brawler)

    • Rainbow Bow (archer)
    • Rainbow Anvil (brawler)
    • Rainbow Scythe (ninja)
    • Rainbow Hammer (warrior)

    • Rocky Bow (archer)
    • Rocky brawler weapon
    • Rocky medic weapon
    • Rocky warrior weapon
    • Rocky Wand (wizard)

    • Soapy ninja weapon
    • Soapy wizard weapon

    • Spectrum Bow (archer)
    • Spectrum Anvil (brawler)
    • Spectrum Scythe (ninja)

    • Sunlit Kendama Hammer (brawler)

    • Tidal Drill (brawler)
    • Tidal Saw (medic)

    • Toxic Crush (brawler)
    • Toxic warrior weapon

    • Venom's Sting (archer)
    • Venom's Spur (medic)
    • Venom's Bite (ninja)
    • Venom's warrior weapon

    • Winged Hammer (warrior)
    • Winged Wand (wizard)
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