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    Default Reporting a Person

    Ok, so just for the future, rule breaking would be like being rude and what not right? So how do you report someone? Especially for someone being super rude on FR?
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    Default Re: Reporting a Person

    You can click on their name in the chat box, then hit the button with a whistle on it (after you hit the button, a message should pop up saying "Player has been reported"). Or send in a ticket saying what their name is & they were doing.

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    Default Re: Reporting a Person

    How to Report

    1.Go, to your Chat log. And What ever they said to you
    Click on their name on that Sentence,
    2.And There will be A Person with a Whistle next to them.
    3.And Click on it And A Message will Pop Up saying "This Player has been Reported"

    How to Send a Ticket.

    1. Click On the Question mark next to your mini map.
    2. There will be a BIG Green Ask for help button. (Click on it)
    3. After you have clicked on that it will make you put in your User, And Password. (Do as told)
    4. After you do there will be To Boxes Saying "What do you need help with?"
    And "Describe You're Problem"
    5. Then after you have done as told Press the "Submit ticket box" And your ticket will be sent to SOE.
    6. After you have done that. You will get a E-mail, Or a Referee will message you in game.

    I Hope this helped!!!

    ~Maybaby Tumbler

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