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Title: which recipe?

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    Default which recipe?

    im working on getting my shredding gi for cooking job and i was wondering if anyone knew whats recipes i can get all parts from? i know from moonbean sundae sweet treat i can get the top but i can figure out which recipes to get the other parts from

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    Default Re: which recipe?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedBear View Post
    CHEF (thanks zhouz!)

    HEAD: Shredding Chef Hat
    Briarmelon Surprise

    HANDS: n/a

    CHEST: Shredding Chef Gi
    Candied Briarmelon
    Moonbean Sundae Sweettreat

    LEGS: Shredding Chef Pants
    Honey Roasted Moonbean

    FEET: Shredding Chef Sandals
    Moonbeam Mousse

    MISC: n/a
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