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    Default rare tcg cards?

    i have a bunch of tcg cards but i dont know how to tell if they are rare or sure theres a way...but it would also help me if you made a list of all the tcg cards you know that are rare thanks

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    Default Re: rare tcg cards?

    All you need to do is look in the bottom left-hand corner of the card, there will be a code with a letter in it.

    If the letter is 'C', it's common.

    If it's 'U', it's uncommon.

    If it's 'R" it's rare.

    'P' is promotional (from in-game or tourneys)

    ...and 'S' is starter (only in starter packs).

    Oh, and 'E' (the Holy Grail) is exclusive (from physical packs).

    If you want to know all the rares, go to the TCG lobby and click on the your collection button. Change your preferences to show cards you don't own. Then click the small 'R' button. This will display all the rare cards.

    Hope that helps.
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    Default Re: rare tcg cards?

    What Holton said.
    Also; You can also get a list of all TCG cards including VR cards at
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    Default Re: rare tcg cards?

    To know what are rare tcg cards, go to tofind out what are rare cards and what kind of things you get when you trade them

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    Default Re: rare tcg cards?

    [off topic] Which is rarer,Starter or Rare?

    I don't suggest you to open the following spoiler. I think it'll explode! Run!
    Spoiler: show
    Silly you, why did you open the spoiler? Haha.

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