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Title: Quests

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    Default Quests

    Can anybody help me do this quest? Ive been trying to finish this quest for over like 40 minutes :O
    Please help.! Look at the pic.:
    Thanks for the amazing sig:
    Jaiyden & Lindei

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    Default Re: Quests

    No one can actually help you with this quest, as you have to smelt the silver bars yourself. I found the hardest part to be the pouring of the bars cuz I would spill so much. The only tip I can give you is go slow...and if it starts spilling, go a little faster. Hope this helps!

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    I think you earn the chance to get the silver bar resipe when you lvl up. Once you got the recipe you make it buy doing the Smelting Furnace! Hope it helped! ^_^

    Forever Free To Be ME

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    Default Re: Quests

    first of all you need 10 silver ore and something else from the coins shop forgot what it is and you have to be around level 15 or higher blacksmith and miner to make 10 silver bars hope i helped!

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