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Title: Questions

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    Default Questions

    I have 2 questions. Is there an auction house anywhere in the Free Realms game where we can go and buy what we want or sell the stuff that we have if we don't want it? I know there is in World of Warcraft but wasn't sure if there was one in Free Realms or not. Also, for my other question, in order to be a pet trainer do you have to be a paid member?


    Ashley aka Ashtralana

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    Default Re: Questions

    No and No.

    The auction house has been mentioned, and no other news if it's truly being implemented was released.

    The pet trainer job is locked to everyone now, and it is obsolete. They plan to remove it and replace it with rewards via the trophy system (whenever that come out)

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    Default Re: Questions

    There isn't an auction house in the game yet, like Monkies said, but we have the ability to have auctions here on the Insider forums. Glad to have you with us! Welcome!

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    Default Re: Questions

    No,not really.

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    There are plans to add an in game auction house for players to access and use. However, details are limited on how it would work and the limitations of it (one could assume that TCG cards would not be available for trade on that -- as they have their own specific area).

    You can read more about that (and other features mentioned) here: (Free Realms preview -- Housing, Pet changes, Job changes and More!) The original plan was to release it in early 2010 (which it is still early) but that may have been put aside for the time being.

    Once you have ten posts, you are free to use our Free Market as others have mentioned.

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    Default Re: Questions

    Here I am freerealms agent /rep no there is not a type f house like that' like wow I know I played wow and well what you do is well there too thing one s you can go toechants and find catagory that relate to the jobs you want to but thing for twoo is a shopping cart has sc then a cart and a gift now sc you need a credit card or cards from stores the coin shop is coins you earn in game and the gift is claims you can get codes gifts or tcg next no to be a pet traainer you don't have be a member Ty for playing you can fined meh

    Garrett supercharm thx ttyl

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