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    Default Question... Again....

    I have noticed a problem on my PS3. Sometimes it freezes for like 1/2 or a second. Also, sometime when I start up Black ops it lags a bit. I noticed that it lags when I start it because when I send messages it stops then goes then stop and goes. Is there any way to fix this? My PS3 is 2 months old and I noticed this when I got it, but I wasn't sure if it's normal. Rep to anyone who helps me.

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    Default Re: Question... Again....

    There are dozens of potential reasons for lag -- wireless connections, online gaming severs, too many jumps to the server you play on, client side lag, server side lag, interference..... The primary source is often the router you are using. You'll have to be sure it's set up correctly to maximize the bandwidth for gaming while you play. Beyond the scope of this forum to discuss that, really -- plenty of other spots out there for such info. In addition, just as an FYI -- you're likely going to get more PS3 information and replies on one of the PS3 user sites. FRI is only just getting on the PS3, so most people here are using PCs (occasionally Macs). Black Ops, for what it's worth, is known to have some odd lagginess that's just part of it's high graphic demand and the type of optimization that was done by the developer. Can't get around some of that chunk, but the other sorts of lag you describe could simply be latency issues with your router, or anywhere else along the communication chain between you and the others you are playing with

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