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    Default Question about game mechanics

    Well i havent played FR yet and wont til the 29th on ps3 but i was wondering is there a tutorial of some sort that explains everything like power hour etc. etc. or are those things i find out on my own?

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    Default Re: Question about game mechanics

    Most likely for the PS3 as well... There is one when you first start playing FR on the PC... It introduces you to everything... What you can and can't do ect... But for the PS3 I understand there are a few things that may be a bit different from the PC version too... But if I were you , I would expect one.
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    Default Re: Question about game mechanics

    Yup it is on the help section with fr on ps3 :-D

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    Default Re: Question about game mechanics

    A lot of it is pretty easy to figure out though (much easier than WoW lol P

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