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    Default Question about Berets and Kerchief Midriffs

    Why are most berets harder to obtain that Kerchief midriffs? (I know some people prefer Berets over chief mids.) What I mean is Wilds Farm was free therefor it's easier to obtain berets (If you're a member long enough to level up and get them off the wheel.)
    But the Briarwood farm costs almost 500 SC so you have to spend SC in order to get Kerchief Mids off the farm wheel so why are berets worth more most of the time?
    I was trying to trade a chief mid for a beret and someone replied: "NO WAY!!! Berets are worth way more!!" so that confused me.
    Also what do guy players get on the wheel instead of chief mids?
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    Default Re: Question about Berets and Kerchief Midriffs

    Well in my understanding, in coins berets cost from around 150k up until 2 million for the black/ dark grey and white one. Really depending on the color.
    Whereas midriffs go for only 200k-600k depending on the color.

    Logically, berets are in similar looking with the rocker hat.
    Therefor, a lot of people want to have a pair. Whereas the midriffs look almost similar to the midriffs obtained from the adventurer's chests from Blackspore and Briarwood. And are much easier obtained as a lot of players are willing to trade them more compared to berets. I don't think players consider the value of SCs spent on farms when selling.

    Then again I could be wrong.

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