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Title: Question ;

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    Default Question ;

    I was wondering , if after you buy one key ; do the prices of the key go down ?
    I heard someone talking about this ... & I'm just wondering =3

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    Default Re: Question ;

    No I have bought 2 keys. The prices stay the same. 200 for non-members and 18 members.
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    Default Re: Question ;

    I don't think so. I don't know why it would...

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    Default Re: Question ;

    No, they don't. Price stays the same.

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    Default Re: Question ;

    No, i only Wish Its Always Been the Same, Usally a Dis-Count For members 200Sc for a key
    ánd 180 For a Member Who Wants To Buy one!

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    Dr. Seuss.

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    Default Re: Question ;

    yea, i bought 20 keys and it did not change ...

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