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Title: Punker pants?

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    Icon11 Punker pants?

    My friend bought some punker pants ig for like 200k and she doesnt want them, shes asking me how much are punker pants really worth? cuz she wants to sell them for the right amount..

    Oh and a question from me: How much would it be for a rocker hat? ( i didnt get to go to the tcg event thing yesterday D: )
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    Default Re: Punker pants?

    Punker pants are worth about 300-400K
    And about the same for the rocker hat.
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    Default Re: Punker pants?

    Punker pants are about 150k-200k.

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    Default Re: Punker pants?

    Try posting this thread in the price check sub-forum of the Free Market.
    That's the proper place for it, and you will get a better response there.

    My personal opinion? I have seen these items sell for as low as what Nate claims, and as high as what Venom claims. How bad do you want/want to get rid of it, versus how patient are you? I would put the pants up for auction with a minimum start bid of between 150-200k. with a buyout (if you wish to offer one) of between 300-400k. (although I think 400k is to high, ya never know). Lots of luck with the Rocker hat. The hat is a little more common than the pants. I would not go above 200k. for that one, but again; How badly do you want it?
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    Default Re: Punker pants?

    Even tho the price check forum is the proper place, the response there is a bit lacking; I check to see what ppl say all the time. Loads of questions, not so many answers =p

    Yup, it's all a matter of supply and demand. If you can find it ingame, you may get a better deal than our boards. But you also have a better chance of finding them on our boards, but pricey. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Punker pants?

    consitering people will pay like 400k for them they are worth right about that much. Same with the rocker hat. rocker sneakers are cool!
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    Default Re: Punker pants?

    Punker pants go from 240-300k idk what the price is for rocker hat but it is more then 600k i think.

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    Default Re: Punker pants?

    I think 250k-350k
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