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    Default PS3 white screen

    Ok so im loading up free realms on the PS3 but it loads up and then it turns white when loading, WHY!?!!?
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    Default Re: PS3 white screen

    I'm having the same problem here. Yesterday I installed and had this problem after it has finished downloading. The game restarts and then checks for updates. After that it starts and begins to install I believe. After a while a white screen appears and I have to restart the ps3. The background music is playing normally. In the end I uninstalled it and today I re-download and try again. If anyone knows anything, I would be grateful.
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    Default Re: PS3 white screen

    My screen went white before loading the game. Have you tried letting it run for a bit? It appears to take some time to load in certain areas (including your first log in).

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    Default Re: PS3 white screen

    well this happened to me and i downloaded again and it happened but the third time i downloaded it it was running well
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