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    Default Problems in Free Realms

    I have a lifetime membership and today I can not log in. It also says I do not have an account. It also shows a page that says "oops- a robgoblin is in our the back button until we can get it out. I have contacted support but was not sure if anyone else has had this problem today. Thanx.

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    Default Re: Problems in Free Realms

    Freerealms is just down for a little bit
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    Default Re: Problems in Free Realms

    Yes everyone has the problem dont worry. and does anyone check the other threads? Really... It should be back up later i think but dont hold that against me lol.
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    Default Re: Problems in Free Realms

    They are updating it now...

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    Default Re: Problems in Free Realms

    Yeah, might want to check out some of the other threads that are similar in nature -- many, many people are having issues logging in. Just a temporary issue, hopefully resolved quickly

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