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Title: Problem?

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    Default Problem?

    Okay, I've been having this problem with the chat, some of the things I say won't send.. Like, I type two sentences and it never shows, so I have to either break it up or type each word individually which is really annoying, but yeah, I hope they do a hotfix on this. Also, is anyone else having this problem?
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    Default Re: Problem?

    I always have that problem... its rather annoying.
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    Default Re: Problem?

    Sometimes when there's lag this happens 8]. Something I do if it decides not to send is I press enter (or click the chat bar) and then press the up arrow on my keyboard. This brings up the message you sent most recently. You can scroll through your messages with the up and down arrows and then hit enter again to re send them.

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    Default Re: Problem?

    Sometimes It sends but you don't see it, Other times the filter Is messing with us...

    True story!

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