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    Default Princess Leopard's Gardening/Farming Guide

    Hi This is my Guide for Gardening/Farming


    If you have hard Times finding Samples Like Moonbean or Something Like That here is a guide

    Moonbean = Dark Areas common in the Night
    Briarapple = Briarwood
    Briarmelon = Briarwood, Dirt, Grass, and near Valleys
    Bumbleberry = Bumbleberry Farms, Mostly everywhere Except Briarwood and Blackspore
    Spiralmint = Spiralmint Farms, Mostly Everywhere Except Briarwood and Blackspore
    Wildroot = Wildroot Farms, Near Big Trees
    Starnut = Near Logs, Big Trees and Near Hills or Mountain
    Chugaroot = Wugchug, Chugawug Camps, and Waterfalls
    Rainleaf = Near Water
    Sunleaf = Near Water
    Snowberry = Near Trees
    Gummyfruit = Near Dirt Roads and Near Boulders
    Stickfruit = Near logs

    Seeds Made

    If you have trouble with trying to find the right seeds to mix together

    Chugaroot + Snowberry = Stainberry
    Bumbleberry + Stickfruit = Honeytwig
    Briarmelon + Snowberry = Wintermelon
    Gummyfruit + Rainleaf = Gumdrop
    Rainleaf + Sunleaf = Rainbowleaf
    Gummyfruit + Moonbean = Jellybean
    Starnut + Spiralmint = Starmint

    Rewards Farming Give you

    If you have question about who gives you what

    Wilds Farm

    Assistant Chef Edward, Auguste Frydaze and Belches Lists = Wilds T-Shirts
    Bluerose, Bordon Cloo and Chef Jarvie Lists = Blouse Vest or for boys I think Flannels
    Chef Safrie, Chef Truffenglug, Chugalida Lists = Flip Flops and Small Checker Blouse or for boys IDK
    The Rest I will add later
    Ty Princess Melodie for the Signature & Avatar & the Shop Avatar
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    Default Re: Princess Leopard's Gardening/Farming Guide

    Cool, Guide!

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    Default Re: Princess Leopard's Gardening/Farming Guide

    Awesome Thanks

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