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Title: Postman

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    Default Postman

    So right now i am a lvl 5 post man and i dont have a quest any suggestions???

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    Default Re: Postman

    You should have had a quest from Felipe that says something along the lines of "Postman: Achieve level 5" If you did not get that quest at all if you go back to Felipe he should have a quest for you called "Postman: Bixie Buds" If you DID het a quest called ?"Postman: Achieve level 5" go back to Felipe and finish it.

    Felipe = the pixie who starts the postman job.

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    Default Re: Postman

    Try click again the quest you last done..
    D E L A Y

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    Default Re: Postman

    you can level up by playing the post sort games too
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    Default Re: Postman

    chutny,are you seriously level 20 in everything? im a
    Wizard Level 0/Archer Level 0/Brawler Level 20/Pet Trainer Level 0/Postman Level 10/Ninja Level 5

    WOW thats a lot of 20's!


    Better close this thread?
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