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Title: Portraits

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    Default Portraits

    can any 1 tell me how to get my portraits to work? cuse when i take one in game i it never shows in my gallery it says its empty
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    Default Re: Portraits

    Just try clicking it over and over again....I've never really had that problem, but that's what I would do if I did.

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    Default Re: Portraits

    when you choose who you wnt to be click the camera icon above your head

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    Default Re: Portraits

    You have to take the portrait perfect for it to work. If anything or anyone goes in front of the portrait it wont work. The best thing to do is just to take the portrait multiple times and it eventually will work.

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    Default Re: Portraits

    It's also to be noted, it doesn't work for everyone all the time... and that you may never get a portrait in after many clicks. Unless they fixed it... but they do know it's a issue.

    (Link to deviantArt)


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