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Title: Please read!

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    Icon4 Please read!

    This is scary O_O, everytime i go up to a wall i see a thing where it say press x or click, but the item is not there! O_O I lost two gumball machines and one standard floor lamp this way, its either inside the wall, floor, or underneath and i really need it back O_O. Also where do you get these really cool shirts that are blue w/ the orange free realms tree? i really, really want one they are really cool. Please fix this Free realms! i really need my Gumball Machines back.

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    Default Re: Please read!

    the shirts are when they have 100,0000 player or something, and i think you should send in a ticket
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    Default Re: Please read!

    this has happend to me loads of times O_O"....
    i fix it by clicking where the object went missing and press remove....
    and yes a ticket would be useful
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    Default Re: Please read!

    Lol that never happened to me but everytime i play Demo Derby with my friends and i hit a wall reall hard i just fall through the floor XD (that still happens)

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    Default Re: Please read!

    I had a lamp in my Free Realms apartment go missing and not show up in any way ...

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