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    Icon8 PLEASE help with Cobblestone Showdown!

    Hi, I'm a new player, and I thought I'd finished the Cobblestone Showdown quest. When I'd defeated everyone I tried to get out, but ended up wandering around the cavern for 10 minutes without finding an exit. When I clicked Leave Quest all my progress was erased, and now I have to start over. How do I do this quest? Where is the exit?

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    Default Re: PLEASE help with Cobblestone Showdown!


    There should actually be a door when you're finished with the main goal of Cobblestone Showdown. If it doesn't appear, it might be a glitch. Try sending a ticket, and maybe one of the Refs can help you out.

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    Default Re: PLEASE help with Cobblestone Showdown!

    are you sure you defeated Mac? you need to defeat him to finish the dungeon. after you defeat him the exit door should pop out so you can go out. if this still does not work send a ticket. good luck!

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