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    okay well i dreww a pic of .... a devil dude! lol && i wanna upload it on my computer but idk how!

    does anybody know how to help me? ( i dreww the devil dude on a notebook piece of paper!)
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    Default Re: PICTURES HELP!

    Well you have several options

    1 - if you have a scanner you can scan it onto the computer
    2 - use a camera or a mobile phone to take a picture then transfer onto your computer
    3 - get someone else to either take a picture of scan it
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    Default Re: PICTURES HELP!

    Best way would be to use scaner.
    But If you dont have one make photo using cell phone or camera then send picture to PC via Usb cabel.

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    Default Re: PICTURES HELP!

    The best way would be a scanner I would say ..
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    Default Re: PICTURES HELP!

    Well if you have a copier available connected to your computer, then use that. Go to your copy and fax program and copy it in. Save the copy into your photos. Upload it to where you want by just lookin through your file until you find it. Hope that helps
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    Default Re: PICTURES HELP!

    If you have a scanner just scan it on your Computer
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    Default Re: PICTURES HELP!

    A. Use a Camera, Take a Picture, Insert the SD Card (Or USB) Into the computer, and upload the file
    B. Use a Scanner.
    C. Cell Phone Cameras or any other type of Camera usually work, too.

    Usually a Pop Up Will show up when you plug in a USB or SD Card, click open files, and then find your Picture. I am unsure about the Scanner Process
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    Default Re: PICTURES HELP!

    Ok, look. your painting is on the web Paint' so when you exit out it saids Save picture to untiled? You click Yes and then you save it to your computer and Done! I hpoe this was helpful to you!

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    Default Re: PICTURES HELP!

    There are several different ways you could do this.
    1. If you took the picture with a digital camera, you can either (a.) remove the memory card from the camera and put it into your computer if you have the type of port that supports that, or (b.) your camera should have came with a certain type of usb cable. For the cable, just plug one in into the camera and the other in a usb port on your computer. If a pop up doesnt occur and show that the device was found, you can go to "my computer"; if it worked there will be an icon of some sort for your camera. It may take a few minutes though for your computer to recognize it. Look through the photos and find the one you want, then you can click and drag it to any folder and it will make a copy of it and put it there.

    2. You can take a picture of your drawing with a cell phone and make a picture message using it, but instead of putting in a phone number for the recipient, put in your email address. There is no charge to send a txt to an email. Yahoo even supports txt messages in its chat if you use it. Then wait for the email, and when it comes right click and click "save picture as" or something like that.

    3. If you have a scanner, you should be able to go to My Computer and locate it. Double click the icon and some options should pop or or a new window will open. Just look for a button that says Scan. Click that and then, it should scan the image and preview it some how. Look around and there should be an option to save it. Just save it to the appropriate folder.

    There you go!!! Hope that helps. Those are the basics, but depending on what type of scanner and computer you have ( if you even have a scanner ), they differ. Good luck!!!!!!

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