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    Default Picture-Taking problem...

    Yeah, basically, I've been having a problem with pictures... I KNOW it is F12 that takes them, but it doesn't show up in my desktop/Cached Files... Anyone got ANY clue to this? Because I have no idea why I can't find them... Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: Picture-Taking problem...

    I don't use F12 since it never takes the picture for me anyway, but isn't the file supposed to be in the ImageCapture (or something like that) folder in your Free Realms files? I think it's next to the Video Capture files if you know where that is.
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    Default Re: Picture-Taking problem...

    I use PRTSC (Print Screen). I click that then go to paint, Paste the screenshot, then save it (I may crop it first if needed to get rid of un-needed background items), then save it to any file I want

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    Default Re: Picture-Taking problem...

    F12 works great for me but the file where the pictures are stored depends on what type of computer and what Operating System you are using. I use a desktop PC and am running Windows 7 and this is how I take and store pictures:

    While in the game, press F12 to take pictures.

    To find the pictures on your PC enter the address below into your computers search bar.

    Before entering the address into search,
    Replace YourUserName with the user name you use on your computer.

    If you are unsure of your user name, look at the top of your start menu.
    It can usually be found above the 'Documents' link

    "C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\Free Realms\ImageCaptureOutput"

    This will open a folder containing all of your in-game photos.
    To access this folder in the future you can create a shortcut.

    If this isn't the location your pictures are stored in because you use a laptop or have a different Operating System etc. You can send in a ticket asking for the image file location. That's how I found my pictures because I had the same issue in the beginning, lol.
    Hope that helped.

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    Default Re: Picture-Taking problem...

    ok you got to go to your user then find App Data then find sony then local low then sony entertainment then find free realms then find image capture there is your pics

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