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    Default Picture posting help?

    Another question... AGAIN!??!?!?!

    Tis only but true...


    Q~ What is the best way to post a picture in a post that I stick in FRI?

    Info~ I understand how to stick a mini thumnail that you can click on and it will pop a picture up, but I DO NOT understand how to stick a picture into my post that I don't have to click on, but it will already be there...

    A~ ???

    If there is a thread with my answer already on it... i'm sorry... please refer me to it. XD sorry
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    Default Re: Picture posting help?

    How to: Posting Pictures and Albums to Free Realms Insider
    Step 3 (excluding Attachments) is what you want to read if you have the URL already. If it's a picture on your computer, you'll want to read the whole post.
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