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    Default Picture Editing Program/Website?

    I already have some good picture editing programs (Picnik, Iaza) but there's one feature that i would like to use, but those don't offer it.

    I would like to try to find a picture editing program/website where you can edit the picture into layers. (because there's many pictures that I like, but don't want it's background) The only program I know that can do this is Photoshop, but I don't have $500 to blow. So is there any (free) program or (preferably) website that can do this? Thx if you can help.

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    Default Re: Picture Editing Program/Website?

    Try Paint.Net. It works really well in editing. You might as well consider it like a slightly inferior, but free version of Photoshop.

    Yes, it has layer management. At least it's easier to handle than GIMP -had to use GIMP for school-. It was sort of messy in deleting parts. You can even shrink large images to the size of our avatars without ruining the quality. Go try it. You'll be impressed
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    Default Re: Picture Editing Program/Website?

    it works nice especially for a free program ^^
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