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Title: Pets trained?

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    Default Pets trained?

    Hi Everyone,
    I was wondering what the new pet thing was? If you go to the SC store and look at the pets, you will see that under the pets names it will say trained, and some say customization.
    Does anyone know what that means?

    Also, for the new quests, does the bee king show up for you guys? Its not showing up for me, it says hes there but I think its invisible like a glitch, is it just me?


    Also what does 'overworld' items mean?
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    Default Re: Pets trained?


    There hasn't been much change to the pets. "Trained" is just a description so far (who knows with the introduction of the baby tiger, and possibly other baby pets to come). As for customization, do you mean the colors?

    The Bee King (for which I'm assuming is Buzzuzz) is actually not where the lighted column is, but in that area. If you are facing Bixie Hive, he should be to the right.

    Overworld refers to things which are basically in the world. For example, overworld farms refer to the farms you can port to on the map, and not your personal farm(s). Overworld combat refers to enemies that aren't in minigames, such as the ones in Sunstone, Cobblestone Village, Queensfields, Greenwood Forest and Merry Vale, who can attack you if you come close enough.

    Hope this helps!
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