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    Default Official freerealms forums

    can somebody help me? i am over 13 and my parental thingy says that forums are enabled its just that when i go on the forums (its my first time) it only shows announcements! yet on different languages it shows way more then just one topic -.-

    i sent in a ticket and they said....

    Thank you for contacting Free Realms Support. In order to view the Free Realms forums you must first be logged into your account. Click on "Forums Log In" in the top right area of the page to get started. If you have parental controls you may need a parent to enable this feature for you.

    If you have any more questions or concerns, please let me know.

    Andrew G.
    Customer Support Representative
    Sony Online Entertainment

    well its still not working... what should i do? and when i try to view other peoples profiles it says...
    "Your account is not allowed to view the forum profiles."

    Somebody Help?
    IGN: Lunär
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    Default Re: Official freerealms forums

    Press Log-in and then press register a account

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