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    Default Official Forum

    I keep seeing players mention the Official Forum.
    What and where is that?
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    Default Re: Official Forum

    I think the Official Forum refers to Free Realms Forums, if I'm not wrong.
    Goto >> Click Community >> Click Forums >> And there you are.
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    Default Re: Official Forum

    what torak lin said, but you will have to create a forum profile if you have never been there before.

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    Default Re: Official Forum

    Free Realms Official Forums; FROF
    Just as Torak said to get there (except you don't need to click on Community). You'll only be able to see the Announcements forum until you create a forum handle (which is basically a name separate from your username) that has sufficient privileges to post and/or view other forums.
    And, as the name hopefully suggests, it is the official Free Realms forum; almost like the Insider forum here except it's official and not fan-based.
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