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    Default Oasis and Skeleton-a-go-go question...

    Do they do anything special?

    I couldnt find a youtube video or ingame screenshot to see what they are all about.

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    Default Re: Oasis and Skeleton-a-go-go question...

    the skeleton dances when you click on him. its actually kinda funny. lol

    as for the oasis, the only animation it has is the trees sway in the wind. its a pretty big yard decoration

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    Default Re: Oasis and Skeleton-a-go-go question...

    Oasis: It's just a landmass of sand with a bunch of trees surrounding it and a pool of water (which you still can't swim on) in the middle. It's quite nice though.

    Skeleton a Go-Go: Click on it and a skeleton appears and does the Thriller dance for a while then vanishes in a cloud of smoke. Not that worth it but a bit funny at the same time.
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    Default Re: Oasis and Skeleton-a-go-go question...

    the oasis is a pile of sand, and the water isnt reall. you cant swim in it. the skeleton ago go makes a skeleton do the thriller dance when you click on it
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