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    Icon8 O_O Tourneys???

    I really don't understand the Tourney System. O_O

    1st Question: What is a ladder?

    2nd Question: How do you win a tournament?
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    Default Re: O_O Tourneys???

    well the ''ladder'' is the board on which all the players names are on.
    the ladder lists the players name how many games won and lost and also shows their position on the board.

    also if you want to play in the tourney then you must wait about a minute or two before being randomly chosen to play another player.
    if you are there before the tourney begins then as the tourney starts you will chosen to play another player without further waiting.
    also you may click the ready button so that the system knows you are ready to play,there is also the other button beside it that when pressed makes the player not ready so you may have a break or go to make a deck or trade.

    also to win a tourney you must come first,although there are prizes for winning games the main prize is usually a briefcase and a medel.

    hope this info helps!

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    Default Re: O_O Tourneys???

    Laddertells you the players and what place they are on and how many time they won. You win a tourney by winning the duel the computer dueled you up with

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    Default Re: O_O Tourneys???

    to win a tourney you have to meet in game and do the contest.
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