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    Default O_O... 343 coins? *never mind. asked a referee...*

    I noticed that when you harvest (like Lakesfield, Starnut, Punkin, you know) and you get the coins prize you often get 343 coins. O_O is this a glitch or is it normal..? I noticed this when I joined too.

    Never mind. I asked a referee...

    Greetings Bella,

    Referee Crimson here to help ya' out!
    I see you have a question about farming, allow me to assist you with this. It appears they may have increased the coin reward for some mini games, very cool! :] As long as you are properly receiving the rewards that are displayed everything should be working as intended! Enjoy, and please do contact us if you have any other questions or issues.
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    Default Re: O_O... 343 coins?

    I usually get 500-1100 coins for my farming, but I haven't farmed in a while.

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    Default Re: O_O... 343 coins?

    I usually also get around 500-1000 coins but idk if its because of power hour or some thing idk i dont really watch coins tht much...

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