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    Default Not Able to Play FR.

    Okay, so, when I was about to get in the game recently, I have started to have the gamepage freezing after clicking the "Play Now!" Button.

    I cannot get in the game because of this reason. I let it wait, I checked on it, and I tried multiple times. This freezing keeps me from gettting in the game, and I need to know why.

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    Default Re: Not Able to Play FR.

    This happens to me sometimes. Here are some choices of what to do:

    1. Wait until you are able to play it. (recommended)

    2.Send a ticket.

    3. Use another browser.

    4. Uninstall and reinstall SOE Web Installer. (not suggested)

    5. Uninstall and reinstall Free Realms. (not suggested)

    I hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Not Able to Play FR.

    I hate when that happens!But try playing a different game.Then send in a ticket complaining it isnt working.
    And get back on!Thats what I do.
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