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    Default Norton Security Issue

    I am now experiencing the issue with Norton Security not allowing FR to load. I read the thread that was posted earlier and closed. I'm wondering if there was a resolution to the problem. Any advice to get me back into freerealms on my desktop would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Norton Security Issue

    Do you speak of Iceberg's thread on the issue? I believe he mentioned that changing Norton's settings or something might help.
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    Default Re: Norton Security Issue

    Hi there! I am just copying a work-around posted on the FR forums by "kellyschrvr" ... because it worked for me.

    What I had to do was add an exception to my antivirus.

    Here is how to do that:
    Open your Norton Security Suite.
    Click "Settings" up at the top right.
    Click "Antivirus".
    Click "Scans and Risks" tab.
    On that list you will see "Scan Exclusions".... Click "Configure+"

    In each of the boxes that will show on the next screen... click "Add".
    Add: C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\LocalLow\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games
    Make sure to keep the "include subfolders" box checked.

    I actually did not include the "Installed Games" bit ... I stopped at Sony Online Entertainment ... just so that any SOE things will be eligible for the exception.

    Hope it helps!
    Happy gaming!
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    Default Re: Norton Security Issue

    I had this same problem but I fixed it.

    1. Open up Norton and click "Manage Firewall"
    2. Then click on the "Intrusion and Browser Protection" tab
    3. Find "Download Intelligence" and turn it OFF

    Soon Norton will recognize this problem and they will soon trust Free Realms.

    If you have any more problems message me

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    Default Re: Norton Security Issue

    you shoudl get suport or its na erorr
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    Default Re: Norton Security Issue

    I have Norton Security, but of the billion times i loaded Free Realms, it never affected anything... maybe it's blocked somehow... I'm no computer genius, but maybe you should try and look into Norton and see why..
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    Default Re: Norton Security Issue

    ya i dont know

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    Default Re: Norton Security Issue

    I Have Norton Security Also, And Of The Times I Have Played Free Realms, All It Said Was, "We Have Blocked This Program" But It Also Had A Button The Where It Said, "Do Not Block This Program If I Choose To Run"

    So I Guess You Would Have To Change Your Settings.

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