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Title: No luck

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    Default No luck

    I am upto my 50th atempt at getting the Shredding Chef Hat, should i carry on or stop?
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    Default Re: No luck

    I would just carry on. Even if you're as frustrated as I am when I don't get it after so many tries, you know that one day, the gear will be yours.
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    Default Re: No luck

    Yes I agree wholeheartedly with Arie! Keep trying!! You will attain your goal. Keep your mind focused on the goal! The goal is at hand!!!!!

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    Default Re: No luck

    I would keep going too. The more times it takes, and you get it, you'll feel great that you got it. Or I guess as some people say, "No such thing as a free lunch." In case someone would just get it on the first try every time. Just keep going you'll get it

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    Default Re: No luck

    This happened to me with the Blacksmith apron. I started playing the mini game in small doses so I wouldn't get burnt out and one day I just got it. It feels so much better earning something then buying it so keep trying.
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