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    Icon4 Ninja Allstar Outfit? (Sakka)

    I am currently a lvl 20 ninja. 1 problem: I never completed Sakkas missions, so i never got the allstar things. Is there an way i can go back to do them? Or if there tradeable, can someone trade them to me Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Ninja Allstar Outfit? (Sakka)

    They are from the old combat sytem. They don't give them out in quests any more. And if you are buying them from someone it is probably going to cost alot.
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    Default Re: Ninja Allstar Outfit? (Sakka)

    Actually you can't buy them because they are locked for trade, I know this because I have the set and its all locked
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    Default Re: Ninja Allstar Outfit? (Sakka)

    The All-Star clothes are locked for trading. I do not know if the quests for these clothes gives you anything or exist, but what costs to try? =)

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