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    Default need to know how to take pictures?

    Hai everyone i am newer than most to insiders but not new to mystic mayhem and free realms!!!! I found an easier way to take pictures!!!! its called the snipping tool for windows vista and windows 7 you go to the start menu than click on search then type in snip and click on snipping tool than you hit new when you want to "snip" a picture and it freezes and you take your cursor and make a box over the area you want then if you like the pitcure you save it if not do it again! you can bring these "snips" into paint and other programs, one program i reccomend is its a great editor if you have any questions about this pm me
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    Default Re: need to know how to take pictures?

    Uhh I don't have that thing.

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    Default Re: need to know how to take pictures?

    ok here make it window mode then press print screen then go to paint and press ctrl+v then you can edit it and save it!
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