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Title: Need Advice

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    Default Need Advice

    im Not Getting Very Many Sales On My Shops and since this,im thinking about taking a break from insiders...i love making shops but they havent been doing so good and im saving to get the candy corn pet but now its impossible :/ Help,suggestions...Advice?

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    Default Re: Need Advice

    Honestly, why spend your time in the market? There's so much other places to go here on the site! The Open Chat thread for chatting would be a good place to go and chat! Reason why your shop doesn't get as much attention is because the items you have, someone else might have it already, or just not interested.. But again, spend your life OUTSIDE of the Market here on FRI! So much to explore! Don't wait either!!
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    Default Re: Need Advice

    People really love big ticket items. Maybe trade some of your smaller things for a bigger thing and sell that? If the shop is just full of junk (Not saying your's is just in general) not a lot of people will buy. Hope this helped.

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