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    Default Mysterious Merchant?

    Am I just supposed to click on her or what? Because I'm trying, but nothing is happening. That might be because people are crowding around her and don't know how to move though.

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    Default Re: Mysterious Merchant?

    Yes, either you click on her or use the 'x' button. If you can't click on her... I don't know. I know that happened to me before, though. It was at, I think, Merryvale once when I went just to see what she had, since I don't have enough Station Cash to buy anything from her, and it wouldn't let me click on her.
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    Default Re: Mysterious Merchant?

    Sometimes that happens ALWAYS happens to me at special holiday events community thinger try pressing x hope this helps
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    Default Re: Mysterious Merchant?

    There was a problem that occurred with the Mystery Merchant where people could not click on her. This is just a glitch and I believe it has been fixed, and if not, is in the process of being fixed. Although sometimes when you try to click on the Mystery Merchant you cannot because the time lot that she has been appointed to stay and sell her items is closed.

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    Default Re: Mysterious Merchant?

    One time i was trying to click on the mysterious merchant but she was piled high on top of radios no body can reach her and her selection for the list is horrible! it only went down one hundred sc

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