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    Icon4 Milk Gloves U-U

    Hiya! Okay well I want to know how much milk gloves are worth (in coins)


    How much Are EACH of these worth:
    ~Purple Mid
    ~Dark brown Mid
    ~Brown Cardigan

    And... Would The purple Mid,Dark brown mid, and brown cardigan worth the milk gloves?
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    Default Re: Milk Gloves U-U

    To answer the last question, that is worth it..
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    Default Re: Milk Gloves U-U

    Milk Gloves - they go around 800k, but also 1 mill coins +
    ~Purple Mid - I'd say around 800k, cause it is pretty rare
    ~Dark brown Mid - around 400k
    ~Brown Cardigan - around 300k

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    Default Re: Milk Gloves U-U

    Seeing that my purple Dark Shoulder Midriff fetched about 1mil coins at an auction, you can just trade those for Milk Carton Gloves, since those are worth approximately 1mil coins themselves.

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