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Title: Master Key?

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    Icon4 Master Key?

    so ive been trying to get a master key but no one seems to have it so do you get it from a junk pile or from a quest or wat?

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    Default Re: Master Key?

    It's from rare robgoblin junkpiles.
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    Default Re: Master Key?

    You get them from Rare Robgoblin Junkpiles or if you get 10 post you can make a thread that your buying one

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    Default Re: Master Key?

    If you are someone who stays on the same server, you might want to switch servers cause sometimes it has different collection items but yes they are in rare junk piles
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    Default Re: Master Key?

    Rare Robgoblin Junk Piles... But I would go to a server where there aren't a lot of people while working on collections like that... and what I did was I made a rout that I would run over and over between all the Rare Robgoblin Junk Piles because they appear over and over in many spots but I found that around the Sanctuary and the Villages closest to surrounding the Sanctuary is where I would find the piles with the most keys in them. The items in the piles are random though so it may take a few days but you're sure to get it that way if you can't find someone to trade with for it.
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