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    Default Making Guides Feedback

    O.K so I have discovered that I really enjoy making guides. I am working on a few now. I have decided to post them as I get them done then eventually make some of them into one large guide defined by category, ie: Quest that give Item Rewards or Quest for Equipable Items, that can possibly be made into a sticky. Do you need permission for a sticky and are there any rules?

    This is my 1st posted guide: Macaroni Art Neckless:

    I am taking any advise and Please let me know what you think!

    Sorry, this is sort of a double post.

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    Default Re: Making Guides Feedback

    I like making guides too! Makes ya feel good, doesn't it? Only staff can make stickys , and I don't THINK they can use our posts as stickys, but everyone still appreciates you taking time out of your day to help them And I don't believe there are any specific rules on stickys , since only staff can make them.

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