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Title: Low on Coins

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    Icon8 Low on Coins

    I am really low on coins right now and it always takes me a couple days to even get in the thousands. If anybody has tips or tricks please post them on this thread so I(and everybody else that reads this thread) can read them. Please don't private message me because I want everybody to be able to read this.

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    Default Re: Low on Coins

    Heres one during power hour you get double coins and you should go fight cakentein when you beat him spin the wheel if it lands on coins you get 4000 of them

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    Default Re: Low on Coins

    Go to croaking val during power hour, And go down the straight way and kil the bosses and trappers.
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    Default Re: Low on Coins

    If you can play Level 9 combat minigames, then Croaking Vale is a prime location for coins. Run straight to the boss, defeat them, and then knock out and loot the many Trappers that gather nearby. It's much easier if you are a bit above the Level 9 requirement.

    If you cannot play Level 9 combat minigames, I'm not sure what to advise to you. The TCG tournaments can reward you with a few thousand coins if you win two or four games within three hours. (It's not like a more generic tournament where a loss kicks you out of the tournament.)
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    Default Re: Low on Coins

    you could also sell unwanted clothes and items to people or back to the coin shop

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