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    Default Lot ideas---HELP!

    I have a shrouded glade lot but i have no idea what to turn it into. I already have a Harry Potter place & an amusement park & a movie theater. Any ideas??
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    Default Re: Lot ideas---HELP!

    St. Patrick's Day is coming so i guess do that

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    Default Re: Lot ideas---HELP!

    A small Village or Market maybe ? It's what comes to mind for me when I look at it... because it has the road / path that divides the tiers down the middle of the lot.
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    Default Re: Lot ideas---HELP!

    Uhhhh....... A restaurant?

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    Default Re: Lot ideas---HELP!

    Hmmm a skate park, castle, anything really. Maybe something for an event? What ever makes your imagination flow.
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    Default Re: Lot ideas---HELP!

    I personally Think, If your good at building (im notxD) you should build a carnival. Crystal Bluuegem has one, but I mean you can add a parking Lot, and alot more rides, too!

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