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Title: Locked?

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    Default Locked?

    Months and months ago, I gave a dark blue Sci-Fi Suit to my friend, she doesn't use the character anymore so she decided to give it back, now she claims it has a yellow lock on it. Why? It didn't have a lock when I traded her (because she got it), what happened? Should I send in a ticket?
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    Default Re: Locked?

    Shes probably wearing it, lol. Or lieing.
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    Default Re: Locked?

    Well I don't think it's a members item, if it is that might explain it if their membership ran out. But this would only mean that they would be unable to equip it, they should still be able to trade it.
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    Default Re: Locked?

    She's wearing it on one of her jobs.
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    Default Re: Locked?

    Quote Originally Posted by DespicableDani View Post
    She's wearing it on one of her jobs.
    Yeah, this is what I thought. I just checked and those outfits are trade able, so she's probably wearing the outfit on another job. You can't trade items that you are wearing.

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