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    Icon8 Linking Station Account with Free Realms account?

    How can I link my account (used for official forums) with my Free Realms account, so that my official forum status appears as "Member" instead of "Player"?
    (I am currently a member)

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    Default Re: Linking Station Account with Free Realms account?

    i suggest that you either repost on your SOE thread OR send a pm to iceberg bc he saw your member account and thebananaking was not it. perhaps he can help you.

    Iceberg wrote:
    The one thing I will say for sure is that the forums are particularly sensitive to any sort of billing system issue we may be having. Any time you log in and it won't let you post, maybe you can't get/send PM's--that sort of thing--it's almost always temporary.
    Having said that, TheBananaKing, you aren't logged in right now on your Member account...

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