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Title: Levling Up

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    Default Levling Up

    Which is the fastest way or mini game that levels you up the fastest?

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    Default Re: Levling Up

    To level up at what?

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    Default Re: Levling Up


    Level up at Warrier? Ninja? Brawler? Adventurer? Chef? Archer? Card Duelist? Fisherman?.... Please be a little more specific.

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    Default Re: Levling Up

    This is the fastest ways to level up your jobs!
    Adventurer:Finding exploration coins
    Combat jobs: Doing battles
    Blacksmith:Crafting weapons
    Card duelist: Doing the card duelist questline
    Kart driver:Racing
    Demo derby driver:Finishing derby
    Postman:Finishing postman minigames
    Soccer star:Finishing soccer games
    Also there are quests for every job that will give you exp!

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    Default Re: Levling Up

    I find in most jobs it usually works best to simply follow the quest lines, because you get stars for completing the quest as well as for what you did to complete it.
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    Default Re: Levling Up

    Stars make your lvl go higher
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