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    Icon5 Level 20 armor/joining guild

    I was wondering how you get level 20 armor. Like where do you fight? Please help!(:

    Another question is what do you mean by "post 50 HELPFUL things" or whatever XD I dont really know how to be helpful .-.
    ANYWAYS, please answer my questions and thanks! ^_^

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    Default Re: Level 20 armor/joining guild

    heres a summary as to which dungeon you should go to :

    forest troll fort-for the head (helm, cap, etc)
    briarheart caverns-hands (gloves)
    cray caves-feet (boots)
    dark spore depths-legs (pants, skirt)
    haunted mines-chest (robe, jacket, etc)
    tanglewood fort-miscellaneous (talisman, paldrouns, etc)

    and sorry i dont know what it means by " post 50 helpful things" except literally, to post 50 helpful tips like giving advice?
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    I am looking for complete, black elite archer and warrior set. PM if selling.

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    Default Re: Level 20 armor/joining guild

    The 50 helpful posts requirement is a little vauge. The "helpful" part is a little misleading.
    Basicly, posts to Open Mike do not count since they are not game specific. Nor do posts to the Market section since they have no relation to actual game play. Your posts to other sections need not be helpful in the strict definition, but they do need to be on topic, and contribute something to the thread you are posting to. The quickest way to build up a "helpful" post count is to respond to introduction threads.

    As for the other question,
    The list that Ceres gave you is accurate. The level 20 item will be on the prize wheel at the end of the combat instance. You can not exactly earn it, but by completing the instance, you earn a chance to spin for it. The gear on the prize wheel comes in one pre-determined color.

    You can also get level 20 gear by completing the bonus goals in upper tier combats. The bonus goal rewards are random, but they have the benefit of dropping in random colors. The level 20 gear drops are a bit rare, and you may not get the color you want, but hold on to them.
    You may not want that pink brawler mask, but someone (ME!) does, and may be willing to trade you a piece of gear that you DO want.

    Last but not least, level 20 gear will sometimes drop from defeating Sunstone Valley Bosses, but you really need to group in order to do those.
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