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Title: Leaderboards

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    Icon4 Leaderboards

    Ok, I'm a member and have been since day one. My scores in this i was just looking to see where i was on the leaderboards and I'm not anywhere to be found on my own leaderboard i have a score of 171k for copper mining and yet nowhere listed on the leader borde at that score area Iron mining score i have 203,900 as a top score, the number one person on the leaderboards has 195, not up there and yes i am a member, and ive checked every one of my things i should be listed on and none of them are there....why wont it show me there

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    Default Re: Leaderboards

    The leaderboard only started working today, it has been unavailable to everyone for about 2 weeks. The system now has to go through EVERY score that people have got since then, so you will probably see the leaderboards changing minute by minute or hour by hour. It might be a week or more before all the scores are caught up to date.

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